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In a bid to build Elite teams that will compete nationally and internationally, the AS Roma Academy in Abuja is organizing tryouts sessions to recruit players with outstanding capabilities and impeccable character into its elite teams for both boys and girls.

Prior to its first tryouts, the Academy made available up to 60 scholarship slots for individuals who performed exceptionally at the tryouts in January of 2021. Out of the over 200 participants from the first Tryouts,  up to 30 slots were allocated to successful candidates with a fourth of that number receiving one-term scholarships and the rest full year scholarships at the Academy.

Riding off the successes from the first term, Academy is on a mission to recruit more players of outstanding quality into its Elite teams for boys and girls and has increased the scholarship slots. Up to 100 players will be awarded residential scholarships into AS Roma Academy Abuja.

The Academy is keen on providing the environment and resources for players in these teams to develop and grow and have access to various academic and professional pathways.

Giving Nigeria’s growing youth population and the country’s love for the beautiful game, the Academy is optimistic that they will discover these players. This opportunity provides much more than just football playing opportunities, the program will build the players athletic wise (technical, tactical and psycho-social development among others) and otherwise including character building, leadership development and much more.

The methodology and the training program come directly from AS Roma and will include work done mainly on position games, simplified games, technical/tactical development, motor and postural activity, technical ability, ball management and mobility exactly as it is done in AS Roma in Italy.

The tryouts is open to football loving youths within the ages of 13 and 19 for boys and 15 & 19 for girls across Nigeria.

The eligible categories are as follows;

Girls: U17 & U19

Boys: U13, U15, U17 & U19

The first set of tryouts will be done remotely across Nigeria and in different stages, to grant everyone interested the opportunity to participate. Each zone will have its dedicated dates with qualified technical teams to assess the players.

After the regional tryouts, successful candidates from the various states and regions will be invited to Abuja where they will participate in the final tryouts session. This last phase of the tryouts will be conducted by AS Roma Academy coaches from Italy with qualified UEFA coaching licenses.

Players who perform exceptionally at the final stage in Abuja will be granted a full one-year scholarship. This scholarship offer includes training at the AS Roma Academy in Abuja on a well-structured schedule, accomodation, feeding, schooling where applicable and other associated benefits.


– 100% scholarship into the academy for a whole year including accomodation and feeding and enrollment into our partner secondary schools for those who are still in school and are from outside the FCT.

– Train under the renowned AS Roma methodology that has produced and is still producing wonderful talents that excel on National and International stages.

– Players in the elite teams are eligible for our international experience package in AS Roma Italy

– Players also have the opportunity to be scouted by AS Roma Scouting Department

– Possible International tryouts opportunity and international tournaments participation for selected players.


BOYS: U13, U15, U17 and U19
GIRLS: U17, and U19.

Preliminary Screening will be done in all 36 states and FCT. Successful players will be invited to final screening and it will be conducted in Abuja by AS Roma technical staffs.

Like and follow us on our social media platforms. Registration will be done online only and interested individuals should register on the Academy’s website at:


Registration will be done online only and interested individuals should register on the Academy’s website at

For more information, interested parties can contact us via the media below;

Phone: +2349152880001
Facebook: @abujaacademyasroma
Twitter : @asromaacademyng
Facebook : @asromaacademyng

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